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NCX offers a wide range of Voice & Data solutions for you business no matter the size. Let us find the best way to cut costs on your current communication and internet connection services.



Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become a great solution for business and companies of all sizes as broadband internet is now more affordable and available in more locations.

VoIP offers a low cost alternative to your usual phone line and is quickly becoming the preferred method of communications for business and companies.


Fibre – Fast Stable Internet

Fibre is the latest broadband connection option for South Africa, it is much faster than DSL and far more reliable. The connection is carried by a modulated light through an optic fibre cable. Which is far better at transmitting information over longer distances.



NCX offers full order and install DSL (Digital Subscriber Line Wired & Wireless) solutions for your business, offering temporary or permanent solutions for your Voice & Data needs.